Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

We spent the 4th at Papa & Grandma's house. G-ma and G-pa Weigel came to town as well as my Aunt and Uncle and their family. Dad grilled some awesome food, we enjoyed the swimming pool, then watched fireworks before the night was over. Hannah and Wyatt didn't care so much for the loud noise of the fireworks, so I spent that part of the evening inside. We had a good time!

Hannah's Weekend at Papa & Grandma's

Hannah got to stay w/Papa and Grandma while we were in the hospital. I don't think she was very excited to come home after all the fun stuff she did with them. Papa took her to "Pump it Up" where she went down the big slide all by herself. She got to go out to eat, build Wyatt a new Build-a-Bear named Bearamy, go swimming, and help Grandma w/all the fun chores around the house.

Newest Edition

So a lot has happened since my last blog..I'm very slow at keeping this updated! Hopefully I'll be quicker now. Most importantly, Brady and I had a new little boy June 20th. "Wyatt Halston" 7ibs 13oz. Hannah is extremely happy to be a big sister. She has a lot of new duties like helping w/diaper changes and getting his pacifier. She's an awesome little helper. Brady and I are trying to adjust now to very little sleep. Wyatt thinks he needs to eat everytime he's awake and every 2 hours at night, but we're doing just fine. We feel so lucky and blessed to have a new healthy baby in our family!