Sunday, March 21, 2010

Go Away Snow!

Of course we have nice 60 degree weather during the week when Brady's at work. Then weekend comes around and now we have snow! So what do we do when there's nothing to do outside......go bowling of course! Our last experience bowling with Wyatt wasn't too much fun. It was more a morning of chasing him around while he thought he could run down the lanes. This time, however, the little guy was able to pick up, carry his own 6Ib ball and toss it down the lane. Much more enjoyable:) He and Hannah took turns tossing the ball down, I think for a grand total score of 34, but who's keeping track, right. Anyway, had lots of fun only to have the evening ruined by KU stinkin up the court against Northern Iowa. Looks like this household is left cheering for the beard...GO CATS!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wyatt's New Best Friend

Wyatt just so happens to be obsessed with our new dog Harley. It's gotten to the point where we've been forced to hide the dog food and treats, so Wyatt can't find them. He fed her so many dog biscuits without my knowledge one day that she threw up. On the other hand, she's been so good to have around. She gives Wyatt someone to constantly pick on and wrestle with. I think they're a perfect match!

Zoo Fun

Enjoyed the zoo with some good friends. Yes it was chilly, but the kids had a blast..and they were so worn out by the time we got home, which meant long naps for me!


My tough little man had to get tubes in his ears a couple of weeks ago. I absolutely hate seeing little ones go through surgical procedures, but man is the end result so much better. The crankiness in much improved, thank the lord!

He hated his hospital gown, but loved that he could draw on his pillow. My cell phone seemed to be the saving grace. Thank god for technology!

The Best Gift Ever!!

Mom and Dad gave Brady and I tickets to the George Strait and Reba concert. Yes, I can't believe it...2 date nights in less than 2 weeks. I felt spoiled! The concert was excellant...awesome seats, too!

Pretty, Pretty, Princess

My pretty princess trying on her new accessories she got from her Grandma Tebow for x-mas. Yes I know her cheeks are red, I promise they didn't have frost bite...just playin hard in the snow!

We had some fun in the snow with the kids and our third child, Harley.

Back In Action

So after about a year off I'm taking a stab at this blogging life again. So much has happened this past year I feel like I need somewhere to record our family's "happenings," so not to be forgotten. I really don't know where to start...after reminiscing through old pictures I found a few to enjoy. First, for valetines day Brady and I had an awesom lobster dinner with my parents and aunt and uncle. So refreshing to have a date night once in a while!