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A Colic Genious

Sometimes I have to sit back and thank the lord for putting some people in my life. Since Wyatt was about 6 weeks old he began to get extremely fussy and would cry inconsolably every night for about 2 to 3 hours. He was up every hour at night and cranky during the day. After switching pediatricians, starting multiple medications for reflux, purchasing special pillows to keep him upright while sleeping, and countless hours of pacing and bouncing, I finally listened to some advice of a friend. We took Wyatt to a chiropractor, of all things. After 7 treatments....bless the lord..he is a new baby!! Dr Scharenberg has been a savior...I placed a link to his website on the right of my page. He explained colic as a weakening of a muscle in between the small and large intestine, causing digested material to back up and cause bloating and pain in the intestines. After a couple of treatments to strengthen the muscle and a change in diet for me, he is much better. Now...if we could just get him to take a bottle so I could go back to work, life would be wonderful!!!